"You can come after me but I won’t run."

Cybersixwas originally a series of Argentinian comics published in 1992, written by Carlos Trillo and drawn by Carlos Meglia. It was later adapted to a Canadian cartoon which was released in the late 90s and lasted one season.

Cybersix is the last of a series of genetically engineered ‘Cybers’ created to be the perfect slaves. When the Cybers started to mimic humans too closely and develop free will, their creator Dr. Von Reicher had them all killed; Cybersix is the only one to have escaped. By day she disguises herself as Adrian Seidleman, a male high school lit teacher, while by night she works as a caped vigilante, fighting Von Reicher’s other biological experiments. Other characters in the series include Data-7, a genetically modified panther with the brain of her long lost brother, and Lucas Amato, a colleague of Adrian’s who is in love with her.

Okay! Now we get to move on to links.

The cartoon series was unfortunately geared towards a younger audience than the original comics, so if you’re planning on watching, I would recommend reading the wiki page to get some background info.

SERIES DOWNLOAD: torrent one & torrent two  


Unfortunately no one has ever been able to finish translating the entire works to English. You can read most of volume one online here or download all of volume one here. Part 1 of volume two is available for download here.You can download the entire French version in scans here, and that link also includes 58 pages of an English translation. 

This is a series that was a really big deal to me growing up, and I remember being thrilled when I found that I could rewatch it. I know that a lot of people haven’t ever gotten the chance to see this glorious thing if you weren’t a kid in Canada however many years ago, so I just wanted to spread the love!

If any of the collected links don’t work/if you’ve got anything better, hmu so I can fix the post. Otherwise, happy watching!

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