a tank full of gold by on Flickr.

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"Sometimes they just want to be around us."
Shutter (ชัตเตอร์ กดติดวิญญาณ), 2004
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by Ian Wahnschaffe

instagram: @ian_tattoo_det

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I’m still on tumblr because I want to see if we’ll ever drop the bar lower than thinking we could have infinite chocolate, if you ate it in a certain way

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Hello Losties!
On September 22nd of this year will mark the 10th year anniversary of our beloved show LOST.  In order to show how much we appreciate the show despite it’s being gone for 4 years now, we have decided to hold an appreciation week celebration.
It will be from  September 22th to September 28th.
The prompts of the appreciation week follows:

  • day 1: favorite season (s)
  • day 2: favorite character (s)
  • day 3: favorite episode (s)
  • day 4: favorite relationship (s)
  • day 5: favorite quote (s)
  • day 6: favorite scenes (s)
  • day 7: whatever you want

Don’t forget to tag your work (graphics, gifs, videos, etc) with #lostaw, also don’t forget to use the main tag #lostedit and character names so everyone could see your wonderful work. Spread the word!

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President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama helped fill backpacks with toys for homeless children at the Inspired Teaching charter school on Thursday. 

A sixth-grader at a Washington DC Charter school elicited laughs from President Barack Obama after she told him she thought the special guest at her school was going to be the singer, Beyonce. 


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That boy is about to seek revenge over the town that murdered him. He knows this, he says, because he himself is the heir apparent to that throne of terror so long held by the likes of Voorhees, Myers and Krueger. This man’s name is Leslie Vernon.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)
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